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Cluster-to-Cluster Sync. Continuous data sync between separate MongoDB clusters.

Continuously synchronize data between MongoDB clusters in the same or hybrid environments, including Atlas, private cloud, on-premises, and at the edge.
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Illustration of connected database clusters
Illustration of databases syncing

Expand innovation beyond the limits of a single cluster

Support all your multi-environment clusters by synchronizing data in Atlas with on-premises and edge data. Build innovative use cases that take full advantage of cluster-to-cluster data synchronization. Simplify data migrations, improve development lifecycles, or spin off dedicated analytics environments.
Illustration of databases with the option to start, stop and pause synchronization

Take full control of your data synchronization

Start, stop, pause, and resume your cluster synchronization as needed. The synchronization process can be paused for hours or even days, depending on the size of your MongoDB oplog. This includes the ability to pick up where you left off in the event of a hardware failure or system error.
Illustration of editable and read-only database options for cluster-to-cluster synchronization

Enable data movement with reliability

The only MongoDB solution for enabling long-running cross-cluster sync. Seamlessly sync real-time data across your clusters to create target read-only clusters.

Feature overview

Hybrid environments

Synchronize data between different deployment environments: Atlas, private cloud, on-premises, or edge.


Continuous synchronization

Seamlessly access real-time data that is continuously synchronized across source and destination clusters.


Filtered Sync

Synchronize specific data sets rather than the entire cluster.


Unlike Topology Support

Sync between clusters with different sharding configurations including from a replica set to a sharded cluster.


High resiliency

Synchronization is resilient to a replica set election on the source and destination clusters.



Pause and resume your data synchronization as needed. Restart from where you left off even in the event of network-connection failure.


Encrypted transfer

Securely synchronize across clusters with end-to-end encryption.


Reverse direction

Reverse the direction of synchronization, swapping source and destination clusters when necessary.

"The ability to leverage Cluster-to-Cluster Sync for our MongoDB-based travel applications will greatly improve many facets of our software lifecycle and further increase our high levels of geographic availability for our customers."
Sylvain Roy
SVP of Technology Platforms and Engineering at Amadeus
“Cluster-to-Cluster Sync will simplify the migration of our MongoDB clusters from local data centers to the cloud for our multi-terabyte system, benefiting millions of Utah residents.”
Manoj Gangwar
Principal Data Architect for the State of Utah
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How to use it

Learn how to install & use Cluster-to-Cluster Sync


Common questions and answers about Cluster-to-Cluster Sync
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How does Cluster-to-Cluster Sync work?
At the core of cluster-to-cluster sync on MongoDB is the mongosync utility. This utility makes it possible to establish a data synchronization relationship between two MongoDB clusters regardless of the environment where they are hosted (Atlas, private cloud, on-premises, or edge).
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How much does Cluster-to-Cluster Sync cost?
What versions of MongoDB does Cluster-to-Cluster Sync support?
At the current time MongoDB 6.0 and above versions are supported.
What authentication mechanisms are supported?
mongosync supports connecting to source and destination clusters via the following authentication mechanisms: SCRAM-SHA-256, SCRAM-SHA-1, MongoDB-AWS and X.509.
What source and destination topologies are supported?
The source and destination clusters must be at minimum a single-node replica set. We also support sharded cluster to sharded cluster synchronizations.

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Continuously synchronize data between MongoDB clusters in the same or hybrid environments including Atlas, private cloud, on-premises, and edge clusters.
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  • Data migrations
  • Development lifecycles
  • Analytics clusters
  • Audits and compliance
  • Cloud stressed exit
  • Moving data to the edge