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Atlas Data Lake (Preview)

Data Lake.
Experience optimized, cost-effective analytics.

Automatically extract and optimize data into a fully managed data lake store to isolate analytical workloads and perform large-scale analytics.
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Atlas architecture diagram highlighting analytical workloads in the developer data platform.
Atlas Data Lake is a fully managed storage solution that is optimized for analytical queries while maintaining the economics of cloud object storage. Because it enhances the data on ingestion and rebalances it as needed, Data Lake delivers unparalleled performance and unlimited scalability for your business partners (i.e. data scientists & business analysts).
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An illustration showcasing real time data in its native format, also known as raw data, residing in a data lake. This symbolizes data optimized for advanced analytics.

Data lake store optimized for analytical queries

Atlas Data Lake takes snapshots of your Atlas cluster, so you can easily analyze data over time. As data is ingested, Atlas Data Lake reformats, creates partition indexes, and partitions data, creating an isolated workload ready to support large and complex queries without impacting your production application.
A simplified illustration of different colored coins, representing Atlas Data Lake's cost effective foundation data storage.

Cost-effective data storage foundation for analytics

Atlas Data Lake storage delivers economical cloud object storage, dramatically reducing the cost of storing large-scale data. Additionally, Data Lake is optimized for analytical querying, resulting in less compute power and shorter running queries, saving time and money.
An illustration of a gear with two connecting plugs symboling that Atlas Data Lake is fully integrated with the Atlas Database as opposed to other data lake solutions collecting big data analytics and eliminating data silos

Fully managed and integrated with MongoDB Atlas

Data Lake is fully managed and integrated into the MongoDB developer data platform. It can be provisioned alongside your Atlas Database with no infrastructure to set up or manage and no storage capacity to predict, making the user experience, administration, and support elements painless.

Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with the rest of our developer data platform.


Start with the multi-cloud database service built for resilience, scale, and the highest levels of data privacy and security.

“With Atlas Data Lake we are able to give our customers workload-isolated views of their cluster data without risking any impact on our operational cluster and their services.”
Enzo Longobuco
Software Programmer, CD4IOT
"Atlas Data Lake enables us to efficiently generate our weekly and monthly reports without putting any extra strain on our operational databases, by providing a static, workload-isolated view of our cluster data."
Christos Kekkos
CTO, Desquared

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