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Internet of Things (IoT) Databases

IoT databases

From smart thermostats to smart factories, the Internet of Things (IoT) already connects billions of devices worldwide.

And as more IoT enabled devices come online, with even more sophisticated sensors, realizing business value from the enormous flow of device data demands the right database.

Database requirements for IoT

The data generated by IoT devices tends to be large in both volume and frequency, placing a unique strain on the underlying data infrastructure. It is also likely to be time series based.

The number of IoT devices available for deployment is also growing, with newer generations of sensors creating more complex and varied data to analyze.

While many databases can be used to store IoT data, some are just better suited to IoT data than others. Due to the polymorphic nature of IoT sensor data, the database you choose needs to support flexible data schemas, make it easy for developers to work with the data, and ensure that your IoT applications are resilient to future changes.

To get the most out of your IoT platform, you need to use a database built to handle the following challenges:

Data variety: Data produced by IoT sensors can take many different forms. As your IoT ecosystem grows, you need a database that can easily evolve its data schemas without overhead and at scale.

Scalability: IoT devices produce massive amounts of data. To avoid outages or performance issues, you need a database that can easily and automatically scale.

Time series data: In order to reduce disk space and optimize data queries, time series data support is essential.

IoT leaders trust MongoDB

MongoDB embraces the variety and volume of IoT data without compromising on performance.

With its document model, MongoDB eliminates data movement and blends time series with the rest of your enterprise data in a single developer data platform.

MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas are ideal partners for any IoT deployment, offering:

  • Deployment flexibility (On-Prem, In-Field, Cloud)
  • Multi-cloud flexibility (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Schema flexibility (frequent changes and additions)
  • The ability to blend different data (time-series, operational)
  • Real-time analytics readiness
  • Automated data tiering

As a result, IoT data platforms and service providers, such as Bosch and Software AG, as well as some of the world’s most intensive IoT users, including Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Vodafone, choose MongoDB for their IoT platforms and services.


Time series data

With native time series support, MongoDB can easily ingest, query, and process time series data.


Data security

Many IoT use cases demand strict security standards. MongoDB delivers some of the strongest data security controls available.


Scale and storage

Automated scaling and storage options are ideally suited to IoT use cases. Automatically tier and seamlessly access hot and cold data with a single query.


Reliable data sync

Ensure data from connected devices never gets lost, even when the signal drops.


Real-time analytics

Analyze any data in place and in real time, with no ETL or duplication.


AI ready

MongoDB simplifies integrations with popular AI/ML services via our Spark connector and makes it easy to work with the cloud provider of your choice.

The IoT data life cycle, simplified

MongoDB’s developer data platform supports the entire IoT data life cycle, from ingestion, storage, querying, real-time analytics, and visualization all the way through to online archiving.

Accelerate the delivery and simplify the operation of your IoT applications with MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas.

Support from the edge to the cloud

Gain the freedom to collect, aggregate, and process data wherever you need to.

MongoDB’s developer data platform can support your IoT data, whatever its source. The Realm database handles data from the most resource-constrained edge environments, while MongoDB Enterprise Advanced offers edge gateway capabilities and MongoDB Atlas supports multi-cloud environments.

MongoDB’s Developer Data Platform supports your IoT services on premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.
Respond in real time

Each generation of connected device comes with new sensors, bringing greater data volume and variety along with it — as well as potential new business insights.

MongoDB Atlas brings the core components of real-time analytics into one developer data platform. Support operational and analytical workloads within a single replica set, where data is replicated in real time and tagged for specific workloads, and queries against a secondary.

MongoDB also blends data from other sources and integrates with AI/ML systems.

Building real time applications with MongoDB’s Developer Data Platform
Integrate with best-of-breed solutions

Not all IoT architectures are the same. MongoDB integrates with many IoT platforms and supporting products, including streaming solutions like Apache Kafka and Spark. MongoDB is also supported by event-driven platforms such as NodeRED and MQTT brokers such as HiveMQ.

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