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MongoDB 101: Non-Relational Databases for Beginners

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Course Outline

This course is designed for introductory level learners who are either new to non-relational databases and/or to databases in general. The course covers the differences between relational and non-relational, the four main types of non-relational models, structure of the document model, and an introduction to data modeling and schema design within the document model. The course does not give a deep dive on any one topic, but instead gives the foundational knowledge on multiple topics needed to start using non-relational databases.

Course Format

The course is formatted in a slide deck to be applied in a single 60 minute lecture or to be shared with learners for asynchronous learning. The information is spread out between the slides and the detailed instructor notes. A pdf version of the slide deck is also available to download to use for asynchronous learning or supplemental material.

Lesson Slides

  1. MongoDB 101: Non-Relational for Beginners

The materials are freely available for non-commercial use and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.