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MongoDB: A Developer Data Platform

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Course Outline

If you are beginning your journey into MongoDB whether as a learner and/or educator, this course is a perfect launching off point. Covering what it means to be a general purpose database and how MongoDB is built as more than a database but a data platform, the course is well suited for those who want to know more about MongoDB’s functionality. Divided into three lessons, learners will get an overview of general purpose databases, a deep dive into the layered offerings MongoDB’s data platform provides, and a close look at the popular cloud product, MongoDB Atlas. The course will explain with examples key concepts such as horizontal scaling, sharding, workload isolation, and data federation.

Course Format

The course is organized into three lessons. The lessons in this course do not need to be accessed in a particular order though they do complement each other and build upon similar concepts. The lessons are formatted on slide decks with detailed instructor notes. There are also corresponding PDF versions available to download. They can be used as lectures during the semester, for ascrynous learning, and or/ as complementary material to a MongoDB University course.

Quiz questions with explained answers on key concepts are embedded throughout the lessons to enhance knowledge retention.

Lesson Slides

  1. What is a Modern General Purpose Database?

  2. MongoDB: A Developer Data Platform

  3. MongoDB Atlas

The materials are freely available for non-commercial use and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.