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MongoDB Aggregation Framework

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Course Outline

The robust MongoDB aggregation framework allows for high functionality of a data store and more efficient queries. This course outlines the main stages of the framework, how to clean up queries using the framework, and the expressions it employs. The course works through examples and hands-on activities using the MongoDB Web Shell.

Course Format

The course is organized into two lessons. It is recommended to go through the lessons in sequential order as the content and complexity builds as you go on. The lessons are formatted on slide decks with detailed instructor notes. There are also corresponding PDF versions available to download. They can be used as lectures during the semester, for ascrynous learning, and or/ as complementary material to a MongoDB University course.

The hands-on activities in the slides utilize the MongoDB Web Shell or mongosh. The slides contain instructions on how to launch and connect to the shell.

Quiz questions with explained answers on key concepts are embedded throughout the lessons to enhance knowledge retention.

Lesson Slides

  1. The MongoDB Aggregation Framework

  2. Querying Data in MongoDB with the Aggregation Framework

The materials are freely available for non-commercial use and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.