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Now generally available, MongoDB 6.0 debuts new features to help you build and deploy modern applications at scale. Learn more about MongoDB 6.0 and the other additions to our developer data platform.
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Support a wide spectrum of use cases

These new capabilities allow teams to address more application use cases with a consistent developer experience and a more elegant data infrastructure.

Time series collections

Time series collections allow you to support the unique requirements of time series workloads. MongoDB 6.0 introduces improvements to compression, secondary indexes on measurements (including compound indexes and 2dsphere indexes to enable geospatial queries and improve read performance), and optimizations for sort operations.

Control everything from your command line

Now generally available, the Atlas CLI is the fastest way to create and manage an Atlas database. Automate ongoing operations. Register, provision, and manage deployments. Script repetitive tasks. Create users and manage their access. Set up network access and your backup strategy. The Atlas CLI gives you a unified and powerful control pane for your MongoDB Atlas deployment.
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Address more of the data lifecycle

Seamlessly move, analyze, and transform your data in Atlas without relying on batch processing or ETL jobs.

Atlas Data Lake

Atlas Data Lake’s fully managed storage capabilities provide the economics of cloud object storage while optimizing for analytical queries. Atlas Data Lake reformats and partitions data as it is ingested from Atlas databases, creating a highly performant companion data lake.

Built for modern application architectures

New products, features, and integrations that grant teams the flexibility to deploy alongside an application architecture.

Atlas Serverless databases

Serverless databases are now generally available. Support a wide range of application requirements with little to no initial configuration or ongoing capacity management. Take advantage of the ability to scale up or down from zero and to deploy in all three major clouds. Atlas Serverless instances also feature tiered pricing, which automatically reduces costs without upfront commitments.

The most sophisticated levels of data security

Our industry-leading capabilities help you protect sensitive data and address the most demanding data security and privacy standards.

Query encrypted data

Queryable encryption, available in preview with MongoDB 6.0, introduces the industry’s first encrypted search scheme using breakthrough cryptography engineering. This technology gives developers the ability to query encrypted sensitive data in a simple and intuitive way, with zero cryptography experience required.