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Ops Manager. Deploy, monitor, back up, automate.

Ops Manager is the self-hosted management platform that enables you to deploy, monitor, back up, and scale MongoDB on your own infrastructure.
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Identify issues before they become emergencies and streamline operations. Monitor trends, see live workload characteristics, set up alerts, and get performance optimization suggestions. Simplify deployment, backup, upgrades, and scaling.
  • Manage your MongoDB deployments in one platform
  • Integrate with Kubernetes and monitoring dashboards
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Work smarter by automating database operations

Database administration often involves hundreds of manual steps. Ops Manager dramatically simplifies database management. It handles administration tasks for you, increasing efficiency by up to 20x through automation of deployment, upgrades, backup, scaling, and more.
An illustration of multiple administrator tools for monitoring and managing a database.

Find it and fix it with monitoring and alerts

With Ops Manager monitoring and custom alerts, you can track dozens of key indicators and stay ahead of issues. View historic data to create operational baselines and support capacity planning. Monitor real-time performance for load spikes, hot collections, and slow queries.
An illustration of settings and suggestions for optimizing database performance.

Level up with performance optimization

The Performance Advisor automatically identifies performance issues, logging slow-running queries and suggesting intelligent index optimizations. If an index is needed, build it right from Ops Manager. Go beyond indexing strategies with schema improvement suggestions based on data access patterns.
An illustration of multiple image and text files and a clock representing scheduled backup and point-in-time recovery.

Automate backup, restore to any point in time

Ops Manager automates backups with cluster-wide snapshots of sharded systems and continuous incremental backup. Set a policy and Ops Manager handles the rest, taking backups and retaining them as required. In a disaster, point-in-time restores allow you to get back to precisely the moment you need.

Feature overview

Service integrations

Easily integrate Ops Manager with a variety of tools for monitoring, alerting, and more.


Performance Advisor

Identify slow-running queries and get index and schema recommendations to improve performance.


Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Deploy in Kubernetes while leveraging our enterprise backup, automation, monitoring, and alerts.


Backup and recovery

Automate cluster-wide snapshots and continuous incremental backups, perform point-in-time recovery.


On-demand scaling

Add nodes to a cluster, remove when necessary, and automatically rebalance data as topology changes.


Rolling operations

Eliminate downtime by applying upgrades, index builds, and other updates in a rolling fashion.


Data visibility

View and interact with data directly from Ops Manager with the Data Explorer.


UI and API options

Automate time-consuming tasks and turn manual, error-prone processes into a single click or API call.

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Deploy MongoDB on your own

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced puts you in control of your MongoDB deployment.

Enterprise Server

The Enterprise build of MongoDB, with advanced security, platform certifications, and more.

Make your move to the cloud

Explore Atlas, the fully managed cloud database service for MongoDB. Make your path to the cloud clearer with the built-in Ops Manager migration wizard.
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  • 95+ regions worldwide
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Fully managed
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  • 99.995% uptime SLA