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MongoDB is dedicated to securing and protecting your data – with strong technical controls, regulatory compliance, organizational standards and processes.
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Committed to protect customer data
MongoDB is dedicated to protecting customer data, including continually improving security processes and controls and upholding transparency with regard to data usage. We deliver the highest levels of standards conformance and regulatory compliance as part of our mission to address the most demanding security and privacy requirements of our customers.

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MongoDB Atlas offers built-in security controls and enables enterprise-grade features to integrate with your existing security protocols and compliance standards. Your data is protected with preconfigured security features for authentication, authorization, encryption, network security, data resiliency, and more.
MongoDB Security Hub

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Learn about security controls, platform measures, information security programs, and more.

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MongoDB developer data platform undergoes independent verification of platform security, privacy, and compliance controls to help you meet regulatory and policy objectives, including unique compliance needs of highly-regulated industries.

To meet the security and privacy needs of the U.S. government, MongoDB has a dedicated, FedRAMP® Moderate Authorized environment. Atlas for Government (U.S.) is a dedicated environment for the U.S. government and ISVs looking to build US public sector offerings.

Atlas Compliance

A fully managed integrated suite of data services centered around a cloud database designed to accelerate and simplify how you build with data.
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Global standard for information security management systems.

Atlas for Government (US) Compliance

Atlas for Government (US) is a dedicated, FedRAMP® Moderate Authorized environment of Atlas, built to meet the U.S. government and agencies' demanding security and privacy needs.
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A standardized approach to security and risk assessment of cloud provider products and services across U.S government and agencies.

Database Compliance

MongoDB database that provides the services and tools necessary to build distributed applications fast, at the performance and scale users demand.
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Standard to certify libraries that encrypt and decrypt data securely.

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MongoDB is committed to protecting the privacy of your data.

Your data stored in our platform and cloud products can be accessed by authorized MongoDB personnel only to ensure reliability of service. Access is restricted and monitored using both privileged access controls and management processes.
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Privileged access controls

Role-based access controls (RBAC) ensure only a group of privileged MongoDB reliability engineers can access systems via a gated process that uses a bastion host, requires MFA to log into MongoDB systems and establish a Secure Shell connection (SSH).


Management processes

MongoDB maintains a strong policy to establish effective administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for customer data, and to identify, detect, protect against, respond to, and recover from security incidents.

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With an industry-leading availability guarantee for all clusters used for production deployments across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, Atlas clusters are highly available and backed by an uptime SLA of 99.995%. MongoDB server software is continuously updated, for access to the latest features and enhancements.

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