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MongoDB for VS Code. MongoDB Without Leaving Your IDE.

Build applications and work with your data in MongoDB directly from your VS Code environment.
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Demo Video

See the MongoDB for VS Code Extension in action! Learn how to navigate your data on MongoDB, build queries and aggregations and export them to popular programming languages, prototype with Playgrounds, and more.
An example of a MongoDB or Atlas cluster.
Navigate your MongoDB Data
Connect to a MongoDB or Atlas cluster, navigate through your databases and collections, get a quick overview of your schema and indexes, and see the documents in your collections.
An example of a MongoDB playground
MongoDB Playgrounds

The best way to prototype your CRUD operations and MongoDB commands:

  • Edit and run your playgrounds to see the results immediately

  • MongoDB Syntax Highlighting

  • Intelligent autocomplete for commands, operators and database, collection and field names

  • Stage snippets to create aggregations quickly

An example of the MongoDB Shell connecting to a cluster in VS Code.
Quick Access to the MongoDB Shell
Launch the MongoDB Shell from the command palette to quickly connect to the same cluster you have active in VS Code.
An illustration of automated snippets
Automate Atlas configuration with Terraform
Do you manage your infrastructure with Terraform? With MongoDB for VS Code, you can easily leverage the MongoDB Atlas Terraform Provider via a snippet to set up and configure your Atlas resources.
An example of exporting a MongoDB query to Java
Export to Language
Export your query or aggregation (including driver-specific language) to your programming language of choice. Current languages supported in include Node.js, Python, Java, C#, and Ruby.

Getting Started

An introduction to MongoDB for VS Code and all the benefits that comes with using this integration.

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