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MongoDB Ventures

Partnering with brilliant teams that empower innovators to unleash the power of software and data
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Our Approach

We follow three core guiding principles

Low friction

Working with MongoDB Ventures should be a no brainer for founders. We recognize that founders often want to work with institutional investors as leads, but need strategic investors to collaborate to minimize friction as the round comes together.


Deliver value

Our goal is to be your most valuable partner. We help you grow your business by providing access to the operators that successfully transitioned MongoDB from an open source project to a leading developer data platform, opportunities to co-market and co-sell with us, and the chance to work with our technologists, if necessary, to ensure your technology works seamlessly with ours.


Independent conviction

We obsess over problems developers and data practitioners face. Our insight into these personas allows us to develop a deep level of conviction around the market trends and technologies we want to support. While we don't often lead rounds, we also don't need to wait for others to say yes before we do.

Portfolio Companies

Payload CMS


Payload is a CMS designed for developers from the ground up. The founding team came together when they discovered a way to give developers the flexibility and power they need to create modern omnichannel experiences.
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The GraphQL developer platform.

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